Pensions – Planning or ready for retirement?

Improve your pension today

There are several different paths you can take to provide yourself with an income when you finish working. Appointing a fully independent financial adviser gives you the peace of mind that we have explored the market for the best options for your individual needs. Pension savers now have 100% access to their pension fund, giving you more options than ever before with your retirement income. Here are some of the options you have:

Dip into it

You can now take up to 25% free from tax when you turn 55.

Re-invest it

Invest in funds for growth, selected by professionals.


Easily manage all of your schemes under one login.

Take an Income

Receive a weekly, monthly or annual salary from your pension.

Options for all ages

Whether you don't currently have a private pension or you have already retired, we can assess and advice on the whole of the market to optimize your position.

Saving Towards Retirement

Setting aside a little bit every month early on could help you have a more comfortable retirement. As the state pension age rises, chances are, the younger you are the longer you’ll work. Saving for a personal pension from a younger age could mean that you can chose to retire earlier, and with our diversified portfolios you could benefit from investment growth through the years on your pension fund.

Taking a Pension Income

Taking an annuity is no longer compulsory; now you are free to decide what you want to do with your retirement money. When retirement is just around the corner, it can be confusing to decide what to do with your pension fund. It used to be that upon reaching the age of 75, you had to buy an annuity with your pension – this is no longer the case, now you are free to decide what you want to do with your retirement money.

All types of policy

By researching the whole of the market for you, we can help determine the best approach for your circumstances to make sure you can enjoy your retirement to the full. If you don't think your type of policy is listed below, feel free to contact us to check we can make a recommendation.

Personal Pensions

From the age of 55 you have full access to your pension pot. We can map your risk to your goals to help you reach your required level of income in retirement. Here are just some of the policy types we can advice on:
  • Personal Pensions
  • Money Purchase Plans
  • Stakeholder Pensions
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Group Pensions

Many people find themselves with several pensions from various employments. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by have these consolidated into one flexible pension pot. We can help with the following:
  • Workplace Pensions
  • Auto-enrollment
  • Final-Salary Schemes
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If you have an existing pension, we can compare the quality of service you are receiving, looking at cost, performance and overall effectiveness, whilst advising on the steps you should take to further optimise your pension pot when you come to retire.

We will happily provide you with a free no obligation comparison of any existing policies you have!