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Pension & Retirement Planning

Your retirement, on average, takes up a third of your life and for many of us is something that we look forward too for many years prior.

Finances made manageable

By planning for your retirement early, you are taking control of your pension plans and making them work for you. With an Independent Financial Adviser on your side, you can be sure you are taking the right steps.

Pension Consolidation

Consolidate all of your pension pots into one scheme. This makes it easier to manage your pension and plan for your dream retirement.

Navigate your Options

By employing a pension specialist, we take the stress out of retirement planning and provide you with peace of mind towards your retirement.

Tax Efficient Savings

Contributing and saving into a pension plan can provide you with many tax advantages such as income tax savings and corporation tax relief.

Invest in a Pension

There are many investment opportunities available to you through your pension scheme including Ethical led options.

Pension Planning

How It Works

Getting to know you

We welcome you to book a free initial consultation to discuss your existing circumstances and what your needs/ objectives are for the future. We are happy to adapt the meeting to your needs so be it in person or virtually, we are happy to help!

Extensive Research

We will research, construct, and build a financial plan that is built around your objectives and goals.


We will then invite you back in for a second meeting to discuss our recommendation and if you are happy too, the steps of implementing your new pension scheme.

Ongoing Support

Once your new scheme is up and running, we will review your pension scheme regularly and invite you to meet with us every six months to ensure the plan remains applicable to your future retirement plans and goals.

Opening a Pension

Anyone can set up a Personal Pension and the quicker you start saving towards your retirement, the better. There are countless advantages to saving towards your retirement. 

  • How much you contribute towards your pension
  • The investments and capital growth of your pension
  • Managing and maintaining your pension in retirement
  • Utilising tax advantages

By employing a pension specialist, you will receive advice on the best pension wrapper to invest in and tailored pension forecasting calculations applicable to your income objectives. We take the stress away so you can look forward to your retirement rather than worry about it.  

Want to find out more about our services?

We offer a free initial consultation so you can see how we can add value first

Areas of Advice

We strive to deliver exceptional services for every aspect of financial planning.