Our Guarantee – Your Peace of Mind – Investing

What do we guarantee?

If we are unable to add value to your policy or investment, we will tell you. We will never make a recommendation that disadvantages the client in any way. Our guarantee for value gives you peace of mind that we have conducted thorough, impartial research and will have presented you with the best options for your circumstances. Any fees that we agree will only be requested once we have conducted/submitted business.You may come to us looking to improve the performance of your investments, pay a lower management charge, mitigate tax or simply find a solution that provides a higher quality of service, compared with what your current policy/adviser provides you. You may hold and manage your own funds. Why not ask for a comparison to see if you could see better returns invested in one of our actively managed portfolios.

Our guarantee promises that we always put your best interests first when we are making a recommendation. If you feel our recommendation fails to deliver any of the above improvements, (after advice has been provided but before the implementation of any plan) you are not obliged to proceed with our recommendation, and we will not charge a fee unless this has discussed ahead of time with you.

If you would like us to provide you with a no obligation comparison of an existing policy, contact us using the form below. You also have the option to upload any policy documents that may help us conduct our research.

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